Welcome to Motion B-spoke. We are a boutique Australian cycling apparel company focussing on transforming your vision into reality. Premium custom cycling kit is highly sought after by stores, clubs, teams, groups and individuals who want to stand out in the Peloton or local ride and distinguish themselves through unmistakable design.

Motion B-spoke is set apart through attention to detail, quality, and functionality. We believe that you get what you pay for with most things in life, but we are also big believers in delivering a fair price. Motion garments and accessories are designed and created through extensive research and development. Ambassador feedback to refine products specifically for our customers.

Motions’ quest to deliver premium cycling apparel is far-reaching... Sourcing fabrics, chamois from Italy, Switzerland, and locally, we ensure MOTION apparel stands up to the harshest Australian conditions. Unique design and solid functionality form the Motion B-spoke identity.